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beta & cuck Attention Service

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Sometimes betas and cucks so badly want attention, and we all know you really don't deserve it. We have just what you need to help. Will will help get you the attention and humiliation you crave with one of these packages. We will post our our active Twitter page with over 18,000 followers.

Basic beta - We will make a post about you on our Twitter Account and tag you in that post.

Upgraded Edition - You will get everything in the Basic Package, plus we will make you a custom meme to include in the post.

Premium Edition - You will get everything in the Basic and Upgraded Packages, plus custom humiliating responses. We will also asks followers to comment, like and repost and you will get to pay extra for all of the interaction you get. ($1 per each like, $2 per each comment and $5 for each repost, you will feel so specail the more you get to pay!

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